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shuna fish lydon

Hello. Did you work at Quince as pastry chef? Do we know eachother.

Anyway I think your site has such a light and beautiful feel to it.

After juicing the lemons do you scrape out the residual pith inside the "cup"?

After measuring the liquid volume we take this number and multiply it by 1.75 to achieve the weight in sugar, right?

I live with a lot of Meyer lemons and I was looking for a simple recipe, thanks.

Karen Morss


I have a Meyer Lemon orchard with 40 trees if you ever need fresh lemons! Stop by my internet lemonade stand, http://www.lemonladies.com
We are an organic grower.
Thanks Karen, Orchardess

aion power leveling

Cook until a candy thermometer reads 220 degrees F, or until it appears set and not runny when poured onto a cool plate. Refrigerate, or can according to manufacturer's instructions.

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