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Here's my tip for buttercream--just put a little Marshmallow Fluff in the frosting. The weddings guests will rave and only you will know what the secret is--fools them every time!


Marshmallow Fluff? You must be from the East Coast! Do I know you?


p.s. I admit, when I first moved to Cali my mother used to send me Fluff in the mail since it's not available here!


this is funny. i can totally see you being like that...but because you're a perfectionist--everything you do turns to gold!

p.s. i do love the new look. it's very organized and cool!


I like the new look as well.

There's still no fluff out here in Cali right? I haven't been to a regular supermarket lately to look for it either.


I haven't had marshmellow fluff in ages. We used to call it "fluffer-nutter". It went great with peanut butter. My family used to put it on graham crackers with a bar of chocolate. We would call these wonderful creations "smores". Possibly because the kids would sit around the campfire singing "we want s'more". A little family secret.

shuna fish lydon

Years ago I was hired as the pastry chef for a catering company. my first job after tediously cleaning fish scales off my soon to be station, was a wedding cake.

I knew to be very afraid but then I said, buy me The Cake Bible and I will be ok.

What I remember most is standing on two milk crates with the 60Q Hobart mixing bowl filled with egg whites over a steaming stock pot.

And sticking all those wooden supports into a cake I was sure someone would accidently be fed and die from.

But now I say no and reccomend my favorite wedding cake makers and no one has ever been disappointed.


I'm still chuckling at your comments about the country weddin'. We actually pulled it off, but I'm still on record with a big NOOOOO the next time someone even begins to utter the request! I must say,I did overcome my Italian buttercream phobia, love hearing the slapping of eggwhite/butter mixture when suddenly, it's buttercream!!

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