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I didn't realize there were so few ingredients in dough.


I'll be willing to bet that Regina makes this dough for her family all the time, but with a few of her own touches.


Incredible post!

We use pasta frolla often in our household for crostatas which are Italian jam tarts. And you're right, they hold jam so well.

I'd never heard of crunch dough so thank you for enlightening me.

I noticed you didn't have an e-mail link so I'll say it here: you have a tremendous blog! I've added you to my blog list because I don't want to miss any of your posting.

Keep up the great work!


did i miss something? who is Regina?


When JP was at CP he personally signed his "Complete Techniques" book, which I consider to be a must in every kitchen. He winked at me when I told him "I just happened to bring a copy to dinner with me!" A real real gentleman, and an unfortunate loss.


Ah, liver- actually, I don't enjoy it like I used to. Maybe because now I understand it's "the body's filter".


You can be lucky!!!



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