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Ooh I'm gonna try to make this tomorrow. I'm also attempting
Corned beef and Cabbage too.


Your Nana would be very proud--you've mastered the art of Irish soda bread! Next on the list is mutton pie.

shuna fish lydon

You know how when you have a hankering to make something and you have all the ingredients but the most important one?

soon I will get whole wheat flour and make a batch. I make mine with yogurt, but it is very similar.


I tried the soda bread recipe but it didn't quite come out the way I would like. So instead, I made pretzels and used food coloring to turn them green. I brought them to my neighbors and all the kids had one each. It was a St. Patrick's they will never forget. They were really big pretzels.


I love it!

You rocked and you just know it!

Thanks for sharing your recipe with us.


Mmmm- memories of Nana's Irish soda bread. Yours sounds great too! Maybe you can send Nana a loaf of your version for her birthday!


I love irish soda bread my mom makes it some times.How are you doing Iam doing ok.


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