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This is what I call serendipity. I was just sitting here (yes I think about food at work ...) wondering where I could find a recipe for candied kumquats.

Clearly the Blog Gods listened to my prayers.

Thank you so much. And be strong ... those strawberries will be there soon!


Linked to your great site from a comment you left on Ivonne's. Really like the look of your cornmeal shortbread; will have to try that one. Thanks


there's nothing better that a sweet juicy strawberry.
you make me want to try a candied Kumquat.

shuna fish lydon

Candied kumqats are to sweets what pinwheel pasta is to savoury.

They are one of my all time favourite garnishes on plated desserts!


Never haad Kumquat before either and now I'm very curious.

alan in China

just got back from my New year's Day morning market here and have bought a bag of kumqats. (I am really spoilt here at the moment for many kinds of citrus fruit). So I was sitting here thinking what to do with them, after having popped one in my mouth and found that they are a little bitter! So tapped into google.com and behold - your web page.
Will try a little cookery this afternoon


Ooh, lovely. Thanks for the simple recipe. Got back from LA with a bag of kumquats last weekend - have been eating them plain all week, but now I think I'll candy the rest (they're getting a bit...old).


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