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Bea at La Tartine Gourmande

I like the illustrations a lot on your blog! A really nice touch!


I want to go to pie country. Take me with you!

As much as I love cakes, cookies and all the rest, we both know that pie is where it's at!

Dream big, Maura! Go for that peanut butter pie ...


As for me, I long for a piece of blueberry pie from Maynard's in Old Saybrook. A pie with a wonderful flaky crust filled with juicy,native blueberries and just a hint of lemon. Too bad the daughter is no longer baking her wonderful tasty treats--fruit pies, depending on what is in season, chocolate chip cookies and blueberry pound cake with a homemade vanilla icing. Yum.


One time at the Big Walnut Baptist Church Fair here in Reelsville, I was honored to be asked to judge a bakeoff between the Ladies Guild and the Teen Crusaders (our lovely youth group). Well let me tell you, what started off as a friendly competition, turned into one of the biggest pie flying melees in the history of all of Reelsville! It was like one of those Three Stooges pictures! I can surely tell you this, Pecan smarted the most, and the Coconut Creme tastes delightful when you forget to duck!


oh yeah, i can definitely picture me orderin' the Peanut Butter Pie, of course!

I loved this post!


I've wanted to go to Amish Restaurant for years. This entry makes me want to go even more.

bladder control

Yeah, that's definitely the best pie!

Sam Nisbett

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