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I think I'm going to have to take a week's vacation to make all the recipes that I've clipped from your blog.

And now I have another one to add ...

I love strawberry shortcake and I simply cannot wait for those fresh Ontario strawberries to appear so that I can try this.



I grew up with "grandma's recipe", though I must admit I'm willing to convert (sorry mom)!

I love what you've been doing here, Maura. When are we going to open that bakery?!




What a wonderful Mother's Day dessert! I'll take two servings, please. Can't wait to see what you do with blueberries.


I love a good strawberry shortcake in the summer time. I cannot waite to go strawberry picking in June.Ann


I had the finest strawberry shortake, believe it or not, at an apple festival in Sault Ste. Marie. Like everything else, they do it a little differently up there. They like to top it with a dollop of butter and two dollops of the sweetest maple syrup around. Makes we want to hop in my canoe and start paddling!

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What a great dessert! I wanna try this at home!

Daniel Ferris

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That's a wonderful Mother's Day dessert! I'll take two servings too!

Sam Nisbett

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