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Would be very interested in hearing how the students liked the creme brulee. Sounds like a great choice. Although the custard part has such a great flavor, the most fun is breaking through the hardend sugar on top. Wish I had some right now! Love the crunch mixed with creamy.


I'm sure they will love it..what's not to love? I know of only one person who doesn't find it good. My father who is a self proclaimed custard hater.



And I think we can all relate to that first experience of cracking the sugar layer. What a thrill!


Creme Brulee is the number one reason why I'm squeezing out of my clothes this summer.


I have to say that my favorite part would not be the thrill of cracking the hardened shell with my spoon, but licking the bottom of the dish!

Aunt Anne

Maura I don't ever remember having Creme Brulee as you described. It sounds wonderful with the sugary crunch...I admit that I love sugar! Have you ever thought to use maple sugar? do you think that would work? Maybe you could make me some one day?


I have to say lady that you made a very wise decision to plate the creme brulette individually. I might have already metioned that pie fight at the Big Walnut Baptist Church fair back in 99'. These are the types of things that you have to deal with when mixing teenagers and deserts, especially kids these days. They have absolutley no respect for creme brulette or other tasty treats, unless they come out of a box wrapped in celophane like twinkies or ho hos. Just a little tidbit of information I would like to share that I thought you all might find interesting. Creme brulette was brought to the U.S. by the French Acadians, as they migrated from the villages of Novia Scotia into Northern New England. Creme brulette was was a favorite of both King Louis XIV, Napoleon, and Bobby Kennedy.


I never had creme brule myself. but i also bet that regina has never had it to eat eaver.i think she is more of beer drinking ,pizza eating lady. ann


I agree with you - creme brulee is one of those classics people just can't get enough of! I love the style of your blog and so glad I found it!


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