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sounds very stressful but will be rewarding (albeit not financially) in the end. good luck!


If I ever get married ... I'm flying you over here to make my cake. And you can make whatever cake you like. And decorate it however you like and pair it with whatever you like (the bride doesn't want the berries ... puh-lease!)

Will we be able to see a photo of your wondrous creation???


I can empathize with you over the stress of baking a wedding cake! It's the fear of knowing that you are going to have the chance to either tickle or tweak so many pallets. Whenever I am called upon to make a wedding cake I sit on my porch and think about that old Chinese Wedding Cake haiku. A haiku is a Chinese poem that is designed to eliminate stress. It works for me, perhaps you should try it:

Wedding cake to bake
Ingredients always pure
Bride and groom first piece

Bon Appetite!


Yes, making a wedding cake is so stressful! Oh, the pressure! I can only imagine that it tasted amazing. How did it look? Photos of the finished product?

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