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I'm loving the drawings. Are they yours?


i'm currently overwhelmed and depressed at work, this was a breath of fresh air--thank you.


I love grape pie, I bet this is good too.


I think you have a definite talent for story-telling - what a lovely picture you painted! It doesn't matter if it wasn't a real memory, it set the stage perfectly for this cake. Sounds delicious!


Ummm ... I don't see my name in that story. Wasn't I there too? Please say I was there!

Love the cake. This is a must-try! Oh wait ... all of your recipes are must-trys.




You really shouldn't fret about having a fancy story to accompany your cake. I learned a long time ago that it is the cake that will tell the story! Just a helpful hint from someone who has been there.


If she whants to write story to go with it then she should. I like her story,s she tills. Ann


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I made the same recipies with cherries in P.W Paris
cookbook. The timing was way off. Called for 425 for
a total of 55 minutes. I will try the recipies again
at 350.

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