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They sound good to me. I never had pumpkin pancakes. I have had blueberrie, apple and bannana pancakes.Ann


Oh, I love all things pumpkin. Looks wonderful.


I can't imagine a better way to start Thanksgiving Day! (Canadian Thanksgiving Day that is ... which is today!)


i'll pass but i'll go to San Francisco anyway. and the only reason why i'll pass is because i hate anything that tastes like pumpkin. i hate pumpkin pie.


These pancakes sound absolutely delicious--I love anything made with pumpkin. How about that great pumpkin bread they used to make at Vanderbrooke Bakery in Old Saybrook. I tried to duplicate it once but it was not the same. Too bad.

Think I'll whip me up a stack of the pancakes, fry me some bacon and just enjoy a great breakfast!


Yum and Birthday Wishes


Happy balated birthday to you. Ann


Oh, my, these sound good. I've been to Tygers, but alas, never when they had pumpkin pancakes on offer. Now that I'm in Brooklyn, I'll have to make up my own! Thanks!


Trying them today (yay, the diabetes is gone!). Happy belated birthday!

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