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I think I like the cranberry walnut pie better. What are champers?


this sounds delicious. i love cranberry baked goods, you know how i love the cranberry-apple muffins at SF Starbuck's.


Ed sounds like quiet folk, but he knows a thing or two about the holidays!


It was so good seeing you!


Is it tart???


Mal- "Champers" is hillbilly for champagne (sparkling cider).

Mitzy- Did you just use the "S" word on my blog?!

Reg- Ed's Xmas sweater is almost as festive as yours.

Patty- Come visit!

Peabody- The cranberry is a tart accent in an otherwise sweet (like a peacan pie) dessert.


Your brother-in-law is a lucky guy!


Ann my father has a festive outfit. He has a elf costume that he has worn at cristmas time. And he is willing it Maura.Just kiding Maura he is willing it to Regina. Ann

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