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yum--i can go for some shepherd's pie and some toll house pie right about now. thanks for making me hungry!


I have to try making that. Another wonderful entry and it makes me think of home.

shuna fish lydon

That list makes me want to jump on a plane and go back home.

thanks for the imaginary trasport! yum.


Carmalized top, umm...sounds sooo good.


Yeah, I make this for my hubby from time to time. He fell in love with the it the first time he tried it....I always loved it.


I truly enjoy traveling to other regions of the country and taste and enjoy the local cusine, but am always happy to come back to New England and enjoy many of the things you have listed (except, of course, Dunkin Donuts coffee).

Some say that New Haven has the best pizza, but I'll have to vote for the great pies from Springfield MA or First and Last Tavern in Hartford and Middletown CT.

I think I'll have me a dish of apple crisp, topped off with carmel swirl ice cream. Have some sitting in the fridge.


Oh but if you publish a cookbook, then I will not be able to secretly publish all the recipes I've been stealing from your blog.

Oh wait ... did I just say that out loud???

All kidding aside, what are you waiting for. Write that cookbook!!!


Go for it!


I just love NewEnland cooking.I just love a homemaid apple pie made with native NewEnland apples. BUT then that is because Iam from NewEnland.They also have the best clam chower here in NewEnland. Ann

Are you sure you're from New England? It's called clam chowdah.


New England sounds very much like the Midwest, except you call it "soda" and we call it "pop". Chicago's Pizzeria Uno is said to be the best in the world. I have never been east of Erie, so whom am I to say! Little John's in Peoria is Carl's personal favorite. Mine is Chuck E. Cheeses which also is in Peoria. Chuckie E. Cheeses is great for kids of all ages, as it not only offers pizza and beer, (pop for the kiddies!) but you can play skeet ball, Pac-Man, Miss Pac Man, pinball, and tons of other games. You can win tickets that you can also trade in for actual prizes! Carl saved 2,854 tickets and chose an 8 X 10 framed picture of dogs playing cards. It is precious. If you are ever on vacation in Peoria, and have nothing to do, if you are looking for some fun try Chuck E. Cheeses. The memories will last a lifetime!


When it comes to New England cuisine, let us not forget...fluffernutters, Hoodsie cups and Friendly's Fishamajigs.


So I missed spelled it so what. This is a cooking blog.Not a spelling bee. And I am for NewEnland. So is my cousin whos blog this is and I donot think she cares who someone spells a word. Ann

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