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Oh! The one place I did not get to when I was at the Ferry Building.

I love the combination in these cookies. Another recipe to clip!

shuna fish lydon

and? and do you feel like you reproduced that which led you to the depths of hell?

next time yer slinking I better hear about it...


Interesting, but not for me.


It sounds interesting could you make it without the seasalt.And just use plan salt in making them. I donut know if can find seasalt in the stores around here. We donot have some of the same stuff you have in are stores as you have. Ann


Oh, these sound yummy...peanuts and sea salt. I would love them even more with some caramel drizzled over the cookies.


The Ferry Building can be such a tempting place! I love the salty-sweet combination in these cookies.


my next trip to SF the Ferry building will be one of my first stops and I'll be sure to be very hungry. hopefully you'll be there with me.


It's been a while since I felt I shold throw my two-cents in. But when I see something that is a potential hazard, I will speak my mind. You are using unsalted butter and unsalted peanuts, but then you are going to use sea-salt; COARSE SEA SALT to boot!
Let me tell you, the last time that Carl had sea-salt, his eczema became so horrible, the doctor remarked that he had never seen a sunburn peel so much. When we mentioned that Carl had experimented with some sea salt, the doctor sat us down and read us the riot act! He then spoke for over forty-five minutes on the hidden dangers of SEA SALT. I bet you had no idea that Sea Salt kills more Americans a year than cancer and diabetes. Combined! Sea Salt is also nearly as addictive as cigarettes. I see where your going trying to capture the "sweet and salty", but I warn you that sea salt is a potential hazard, that can turn a tasty treat into a long hospital stay. Please don't take any offense, just offering some life saving tips when I can.



I think I will go out and buy me a car full of seasalt. So I can make alote cookies. And why Iam making them I think I will smoke a pack of cigarettes. And pore myself glass of wine. Just kidding about most of what I wrote. Ann


o my lord - i just took the first batch of these cookies out the oven. they are amazing. i had to stop myself eating the raw batter. thank you thank you thank you!

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