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shuna fish lydon

some food bloggers will be convening at the sat FPFM if you wanna meet up with us, email me.

try to get to Ici for ice cream and cookies, even though it's "on the other side."

have fun!


why oh why can't i be there too? it just isn't fair.


Sounds fabulous! Blow a kiss to San Francisco for me!


Oh, artichoke soup...now that sounds good.


Wow you have been having some yummy fun! See you tomorrow.


Love to be there with you--miss my old favorite Chow.

Love your picture.


I have only been to South Filly once, but you sure have captured it's delightful tastes! The only question I ask is when are you going to find time to get to Geno's? No trip to South Filly is complete without a cheese-steak at the world renowned Geno's! Bon Appetite!


That all sounds sooo good! I wish I was snowed in with some marrow and horseradish right now - these are some good ideas for stocking up for the next storm. Hope you had a fun trip, and I love that picture of you.


oooh i just noticed the wonderful picture of you, i love it!!!


Hi Regina a Filly cheese-steak is full of fat. You should eat more fruits and vegetables. If you are ever in NewEngland Iwill take you to a farmers market So you can buy some fruits and vegetables to eat. Ann


Have fun in the city!


i don't think i could do the marrow though. i'm a wimp beyond belief.

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