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I used to hate rhubarb growing up. My mom loved it and always tried to force it on us. I think it was the forcing I hated. Now, I love it...especially the strawberry rhubarb combo.


this is like an anniversary! it feels like just yesterday you were talking about last year's first rhubarb.


I love a good rhubarb pie. I have it growing in my back yard.And I love a good rhubarb pie. I also like a good strawberry rhubarb jam. We have good strawberry picking around here we pick them in June.Ann


I always think of rhubarb as a thanksgiving pie thing. I had not idea it came out this time of year. Recipe sounds delicious as always!


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Regina Barker

Howdy all,

I hope everyone got a chance to get out and enjoy this beautiful weather as much as I did. We all know rhubarb as a tasty delicacy. Heck, the German translation of rhubarb is "tasty pie" (thanks to my husband Carl). In Japanese it translates to "cheery flavor" (thanks to Yumi who I sit next to in Speech class). Rhubarb is cheery, and makes tasty pies. But as cheery and tasty as it is, it also has a much darker side.
Rhubarb has TOXIC effects. It can kill you and also make your teeth rough. Rhubarb is rich in anthraquinones, such as emodin and rhein. These substances are cathatic and laxative, which explains the use of rhubarb as a slimming agent. Anthraquinones are orange and yellow and may colour the urine! Unless you are some sicko pervert and would like rough teeth or having your urine colored, stay away from rhubarb. Don't ever forget that Germany and Japan were once trying to destroy the USA. By using such innocent translations of such a deadly plant, they were looking to wreak havoc by destroying the USA through pie. Simply put, they were attacking us through our sweet tooth! This was the vey begining of the biological warfare that has become so popular today.
I am sorry to be such sound like such a downer but I cannot stand when things that we as Americans cherish, like pie, is poisoned by the Nazi's and kamikazes.

Yours Truly,



Dear Regina I think Iam going to make 100 rhubarb pies and give some to people I know. Then Iam going to bring the rest to church on easter and hand them out to the people as they come though the door.Then Iam going to go home and make myself one to eat for my supper.Ann


Hey Ann-

Make me one, too!


Hey Regina,
Wouldn't that be pieological warfare?


Maura Iwill send you a rhubarb pie. And Regina I would send you one if know where you lived. Seeing who much you like rhubarb.I think you like to have a rhubarb plant to plant in your yard. So you can make your know pies.And give them to your friends and neighbors.Ann

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