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Oh Yum! Baby Miss R would love that too. Strawberries are her favorite. BTW I can't wait to see you!


Can't wait for stawberry season to come to CT--still about six weeks away. My favorite is strawberry shortcake made with real biscuits and fresh whipped cream. Delicious.


YUM!! This sounds truly marvelous. I'm going to definitely make this soon. Perhaps for my mother, for mother's day.


Rose meringues? What an excellent idea! It just gives it that something extra.


Rose and strawberry together sound divine!


I love a good strawberry shortcake with wippedcream.And biscuits made from bisquick pancake mix.I can eat it for all three meals.I allso love a good blueberry pie.We grow strawberris in are yard but they didnot do to well.We have a blueberry bush that is doing well.We allso have a peach tree and a cherry tree in our yard.Ann

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