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My mouth is watering--what a winner!


Cherry season in California-- no one really knows unless they've lived there to experience it for themselves.


Yes, our cherry season is coming up and I can't wait! Excellent use of them.


One regret on the way home from Plumas county and your lovely home. We didn't stop for cherries.


I'm so jealous.

But other than that I'm happy that you even started your blog! And even though I have to wait far too long for your posts, I suppose I don't mind as they are all such treasures!


I can speak for everyone when I say "thank you" for posting some pretty good recipes. You owe yourself a week or two off. Enjoy some Rum Raisin Ice-Cream, which by the way Earl thought was absolutely dee-lish! Try some Summer Fruit Gelee which most of the congregation at Big Walnut Baptist Church said was to-die-for! Not to be a critic but the Hot Cross Buns did not go over as well, nor did the Rhubarb Galette. Unfortunately, Earl was put on bed rest, due to complications from the Rhubarb Galette. Take some time for yourself, relax, and enjoy the beautiful weather. This is what it takes to get one thinking "outside of the box" and should help with your creativity as both a writer and a baker. Enjoy!


Dear Regina so sory to here about Earl.Is he your husband. I hope he is up and moving soon.So he can get back to church.And Maura you have so realy good recipes on your blog.I just love cherries like to eat them fresh.My cat chocolale likes to put cherries on top of his icecream.Ann

la petite chef

Sounds delicious! Great site! :)

ps3 manette

Thank you for the recipe. Chocolate cherry would be mouth-watering. I am so eager to try this out. Will let you know when I'm done with.

rs gold

What makes life dreary is the want of motive.

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