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I adore Olallieberries!
My sister lives near Capitola/Santa Cruz and makes Olallieberry jam every year and sends me some for Christmas. The wild blackberries that we find around here resemble Olallieberries so this is a perfect recipe to try.


i vaguely remember you telling me about these berries once.

shuna fish lydon

thanks for the link! I am my happiest when stone fruit AND berries are in season. High like a kite.


I'd never tasted an olallieberry until I had a piece of olallieberry pie at Duarte's Restaurant in Pescadero CA. Topped off with vanilla ice cream--what a wonderful treat! Your recipe brought back great memories of our trip there and then on to Santa Cruz. I'd love a piece of your pie right about now.




Tried Tajine Restaurant today for some take out merguez sandwiches. Delicious! Thanks for the tip. We'll be heading there this weekend for lunch too.



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Olallieberry is really very sweet and delecious fruit. Thanks for sharing this article. I would like to make that recipe at home.



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